A MAZE. / Berlin 2018__April 25 - 29, 2018

7th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Museum of Symmetry

by The National Film Board of Canada / Paloma Dawkins (Canada)

Genre: Animation; Virtual Reality; Experimental

How would you see the world if life was a game with no rules and no risk?

Step inside the explosive imagination of cartoonist and animator Paloma Dawkins in this absurdist romp through the highest clouds, to the depths of the ocean and through patterns of pure harmony in between.

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada and brought to life by pioneer VR studio Casa Rara, Museum of Symmetry is an “other-dimension” virtual reality adventure game where quirky 2D animations live in a body-and-mind immersive 3D interactive playground. A refreshing and uplifting burst of artistic expression that takes the player through earth, fire, wind and water, Museum of Symmetry disrupts conventional game storytelling to create a unique experience about our relationship to nature and to ourselves.

Platform: vive