A MAZE. / Berlin 2018__April 25 - 29, 2018

7th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Fly Punch Boom!

Fly Punch Boom! "Moon's Butt" Trailer

by Jollypunch Games (Italy)

Genre: Flying fighting game

Fly Punch Boom! is a ludicrous aerial brawler with huge destructible stages full of unique fatalities and things to ram, throw and destroy. ​Players fly fast and clash with each other, choosing to hit, counter or throw with the right timing, hoping to outfox their enemy. The loser gets smashed in the face with cartoony expressions, then shoots off into into collapsing buildings, destroys planets, awakens krakens, or gets farted out by the moon. Levels are wildly different, with giant things to throw at each other, and glowing orbs to chase to power up super moves. It's easy to pick up, matches are fast, and your gamepad will explode.

Think about your favorite anime fight.... That's it, that's Fly Punch Boom!

Platform: PC