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7th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator: BRING THE DAWN trailer

by Weather Factory (United Kingdom)

Genre: RPG/simulation


Cultist Simulator is a game of apocalypse and yearning. Players take on the role of a would-be occultist as they combine cards, tokens and resources to slowly peel back the skin of the world.

Combining Alexis Kennedy’s pungent prose with crunchy crafting mechanics, and set in a dark back parlour of the Lovecraftian 1920s, this roguelike narrative game is Doodle God developed by Aleister Crowley. Become a scholar of the unseen arts. Search your dreams for sanity-twisting rituals. Indoctrinate innocents. Seize your place as the herald of a new age.

Key features:

  • Combine cards to tell your own story in a rich, Lovecraftian world of ambition, appetite and abomination. Corrupt your friends. Consume your enemies. There is never only one history.

  • Found a cult, dedicated to the Red Grail, or the Witch-and-Sister, or the Forge of Days. Recruit Believers and promote them to Disciples to serve as burglars, researchers, cat's-paws. Use your disciples to keep you fed - or feed on your disciples.

  • Unravel arcane, unacknowledged mysteries. Translate grimoires and glean their lore. Locate and pillage the Star Shattered Fane. Penetrate the realm of the Hours, and win a place in their service. Perhaps - if you are very cunning - you may even glimpse the Mansus.

  • Outwit rivals, investigators and the increasingly suspicious Authorities. Your own altered Appetites may force you to act abominably, but your Cause must not be stopped.

  • Transcend death with a story-driven legacy system. Perhaps your inheritors will complete the Rite of the Crucible Soul. Perhaps they'll find peace in a pleasing career. Perhaps they'll bring the Dawn.

Platform: PC