A MAZE. / Berlin 2018__April 25 - 29, 2018

7th International Games and Playful Media Festival


Blattaria Early Demo - Gameplay 2017

by Not a Game Studio (Portugal)

Genre: Point & Click

Blattaria is a 2D narrative-focused point & click. Every aspect of the story and world-building is told visually: there’s no in-game text besides the UI and menus - all dialogs are conveyed through mimic animations, speech bubbles with icons, or motion-graphic cutscenes.

You play as a young cockroach who lives with his grandfather in a wasteland. As we follow his journey we discover that this place is ruled by a totalitarian regime of insects and rats. The cockroach learns that his grandfather was part of a group of rebels that were caught and failed. And so, the child tries to continue his grandfather's legacy.

The biggest strength of Blattaria is its art style: every asset in the game is first drawn on paper and then digitally enhanced. The main artist of Blattaria is an experienced painter and street artist. Not only that, there is no written or spoken dialog. This affects not only aesthetics but heavily storytelling as well. In Blattaria, every frame "speaks". Every detail in every background and foreground works as world-building. Every silent character has pages and pages of backstory. As the game progresses, the hand-drawn art style with also evolve to echo the themes of the story.

Platform: PC